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A sweet nod from the past, Hendricks Hometown Bakery

Small-town bakeries are as scarce as T.V. repairmen and seamstresses, yet situated on the Minnesota and South Dakota border is a place where the coffee’s on and the glass cases are filled with sweets and doughnuts sure to evoke nostalgic smiles.

Hendricks Hometown Bakery Minnesota

Where the wire shelves are stacked with bread as fresh as teenage boys on prom night.

Todays bread Hendricks Hometown Bakery Minnesota

Step into the Hendricks Hometown Bakery on South Main of this one-horse town, population 699. (They have almost half as many Facebook fans – let’s like them so much that their online population is more than 699.) And say hi to their sweet-as-pie manager, Brenda.

bread rack Hendricks Hometown Bakery Minnesota

Immediately to your right are bags of soft, homemade breads, buns, and rolls. Nestled next in line is a gleaming case of cookies, bars, brownies, and muffins that seem to have been pulled from your grandma’s brown electric oven. To your left is a little rack of discounted items.

bakery case Hendricks Hometown Bakery Minnesota

No high-cost computer generated signs here. Only handwritten cards are needed to help you make the decision about what gets placed in your white bakery sack.

Gold Bricks Hendricks Hometown Bakery Minnesota

Cornered between the cash register counter and the coffee station is the doughnut case filled with sticky, caramely, frosted, sugared, and sprinkled gems.

doughnut case Hendricks Hometown Bakery Minnesota

The white bag I carried out had a few of the most delicious glazed blueberry cake doughnuts I’ve ever eaten. I want to go back and get more. Every single weekend.

blueberry doughnut from Hendricks Hometown Bakery Minnesota

The bakery has shared café-style seating so if you have time, soak up the sweet smell of the warm ovens and enjoy a treat before you hit the road. Hendricks is only three miles north of MN-19 on MN-271. While you’re in the area, take a spin around the border sharing Lake Hendricks and the Hendricks Golf Club. Then get back on the road and stop for shopping at The Gift in Ivanhoe. (Read Off the highway and into The Gift to see why you may want to save the donuts for later.)

Farmers Creamery Co Hendricks Minnesota

At the end of Main Street is a building I’d like to move to our acreage and transform into our house. When you go to the bakery, come back and tell me what you enjoyed most. Happy bakery road trip!

Hendricks Hometown Bakery is located at 108 South Main in Hendricks, Minnesota. Their phone number is 507-275-4010. Hours are Monday-Friday 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturday 7 a.m. to 12 p.m.

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  1. Hi Brenda! Thank you. Thriving, small-town bakeries are rare gems – I’m glad yours is less than 30 minutes from my house. 🙂 I’ll be back to try more. And I need to grab my grandma from Brookings and bring her in – she raised her family in the area. See you soon. Staci

  2. Hello Staci! It was wonderful to meet you and this story turned out fabulous! Come see us again – we just got our new sign up this past week! Your blog and writing are a real treat! Thank you!

  3. That building on the end of Main St is a new attraction to ‘the little town by the lake’, a beer brewery!!

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