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Screw Black Friday, let’s go back to the kitchen

If you are dragging yourself out of bed early this morning, I hope it’s to make a pot of coffee, turn on your oven, and park yourself at the kitchen table. The last Black Friday I ventured to a store was the year a lady stole my cart full of ghetto blasters from the electronics aisle. So let’s just order the crap we need online and get back in the kitchen where all the fun happens.

If you have overnight guests, these first two recipes will make your house smell like your favorite aunt’s B&B. Don’t make them unless you want your guests to return.

To-Live-For Pumpkin Butterscotch Coffee Cake

pumpkin butterscotch cake

Ham and Cheese Stuff’n Puff

ham cheese stuff and puff_3991

If you have leftover turkey, use it in place of the chicken to make Lime Street Chicken Tacos.

cilantro lime chicken tacos

Or use the turkey to make Crunchy Deli Wraps. It’s a convenient way to use up the random vegetables in the refrigerator drawer that you will otherwise throw out at Christmas time.

veggie and deli meat wraps

You don’t even need a bowl to make Cherry Crunchobblerumble. Just leave a stack of spoons next to it when you take it out of the oven.

Cherry Crunchobblerumble | Random Sweetness Baking

If you want something salty, sweet, and addictive to munch on all day, Tiger Butter made with Boston Baked Beans candy is what you need.

Boston baked bean tiger butter

When you’re ready to drink beer and watch T.V., grab an overflowing bowl of Chex Mix made like you mean it.

Staci's version of Chex mix

Going somewhere for another Thanksgiving celebration? Bring your host a batch of Peanut Butter Cream Cheese Brownies.

cream cheese peanut butter brownies

Back home with another beer in hand? You should be eating Buffalo Ranch Chicken Dip.

Buffalo ranch chicken dip | Random Sweetness Baking

You have to plan ahead for Taco Cheesecake, but it’s worth it. You will crave this savory appetizer.

Taco cheesecake | Random Sweetness Baking

If you haven’t had your Thanksgiving meal yet, or maybe you are hosting Christmas, my Sausage Stuffing is the dish I’m not allowed to burn.

Sausage Stuffing | Random Sweetness Baking

And, if you are brave enough to pull into a store parking lot this weekend, push your way to the Christmas candy aisle and pick up a couple of bags of mint M&M’s to make Mint Pretzel Kisses.

Mint M&M's Pretzel Kisses | Random Sweetness Baking

Here’s the best for last. Marshmallow Chocolate Cream Cheese Bars

Marshmallow chocolate cream cheese bars | Random Sweetness Baking

May your holiday weekend be filled with loving family and friends, lots of laughter, and plenty of good food.

Sweet wishes,


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