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Morning with daddy

Want to know what the morning is like for your kids when it’s daddy’s turn to take them to the clinic? I came across this story I wrote in 2006 for a dialogue assignment in graduate school. The assignment must have been to go to a public place, listen to dialogue and write about it. It has nothing to do with food (although sippy cups make an appearance and I’m sure I brought coffee) but it makes me smile. Rest assured, when daddy has his little girls, they are in good hands.

day with daddy

A day at the clinic with daddy

“Come here honey,” says the man in the red and yellow plaid shirt. The little girl jumps into her daddy’s lap as he says, “should we take your coat off?” Out comes a sweet little giggle as she looks at her big sister as if to say, “I get to go first!” Daddy takes her coat off to reveal an adorable red, white and blue name-brand sweater with matching pants. I notice her clothes look worn, which is nice because it means her parents allow her to play without the fear of getting dirty.

“Okay, get down,” he says as he helps big sister climb aboard the daddy lap. As her coat flies off, her pink princess shirt sparkles in the dim clinic lights. There’s no evidence of illness between either of these playful little girls. Since they seem to be under the age of four, I assume it is daddy’s turn to keep their immunizations on schedule.

As the two energized girls start slapping hands with each other, little sister says to big sister, “I am Blue Power Ranger.”

“No,” replies big sister, “you’re Red Power Ranger.”

As daddy rescues little sister’s pants from falling down around her socks, daddy says, “You’re Losing-Your-Pants Power Ranger!”

Each girl takes her turn playing the dancing-turn-around game with daddy. It’s obvious by the delight radiating from the girls’ faces, spending the morning with daddy is the best!

“Come here,” daddy tells big sister. She climbs back on the daddy lap like a carnival ride. She points to the bright colors in the JoAnne Bird painting hanging behind him.

“Is those horses?” squeals big sister.

“Those are Native Americans,” daddy explains.

Big sister jumps down and both girls grab their purple Blue’s Clues sippy cups, guzzling the red liquid as if they just finished a 5K.

“AHHHHHH,” says little sister. She takes a big breath and sucks down one last chug before she flings the purple cup onto the floor.

Daddy sits in the wooden chair humming a little tune while tapping his feet. It’s obvious by the pure joy radiating from daddy’s face, spending the morning with his little girls is the best!

*  *  *  *  *

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It’s been seven years since I captured that morning with daddy. It’s hard to believe those girls are almost tweens. Time flies…

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