Save the bees, make chocolate cheesecake with honey ganache

Honey bees in the Dakotas are cold and disappearing. It’s not known yet how the honey slowdown will affect prices next year. But there is something you can do to support the little buzzers that are spending the last days of summer fanning feverishly to make millions of pounds of nature’s sticky liquid sweetener. Buy a couple of jars (honey has a long shelf life) and make it a staple in your weekly meal and dessert planning. You can start with this rich auburn-colored cheesecake drenched in sweet honey chocolate ganache.

Although I’ve only made this recipe twice — a wedding a couple of years ago and our Perry family reunion this summer — it’s at the top of my list when people ask me for my favorite, richest chocolate cheesecake.

I am especially delighted to use locally harvested honey from Adee Honey Farms, located in my dad’s home town of Bruce, South Dakota. The town’s annual festival is even called Honey Days. [Sticky] Sweet, huh?

To learn why there is a honey slowdown this year, read Cool temps hamper Dakota honey production featuring Adee Honey Farms on via  Pioneer Press.

Get the recipe for Deepest Darkest Chocolate Cheesecake on I use the prepared coffee method. If you bake them in mini cheesecake pans, reduce the temperature to 275° and reduce the baking time to 20-25 minutes or just until set.

The National Honey Board has a load of great recipes on their website. (Tip: When you click on a category on the left-hand side, you’ll see a Show Recipes+ at the top, right-hand side. Click that and it will drop down with all the clickable recipes.) You can hang out with the National Honey Board on Facebook and Twitter (@NationalHoney) and you can easily pin honey recipes from their Pinterest board.

What are your favorite ways to use honey?

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This post is NOT sponsored by the bees or their industry. I like honey. I like to buy local. In the past, my sister and her husband let Adee Honey Farms place hives on their property near Bruce, S.D. and in turn they give them big jugs of honey. And my sweet sister shares them with our family. 


  1. Honey of a Fudge Sauce!! Delicious over vanilla ice cream and topped with sunflower kernels. They serve it at the whopper feed at Honey Days (one of my all-time favorite weekends)! And I enjoy it year-round. 😉

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