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Red, white, and not feeling blue – cream cheese cookie cutouts

It’s the Fourth of July holiday here in the U.S. Pinterest is scrolling red, white, and blue treats faster than mosquitos bite in Minnesota. People are dyeing deviled eggs to look like flags. Facebook is smothered in photos of kids with bed head smelling of campfire and bug spray rolling out of their tents by the lake. Twitter is full of “how to take photos of fireworks” articles. T.V. stations are reporting live from parades and Independence Day events. It all alludes that everyone is with family and everyone is happy.

cream cheese sugar cookies

But that’s not necessarily the case. There are people alone this holiday. And maybe they are feeling a little blue. If you know someone who could use a little pick-me-up today, give them a call and let them know you’re thinking of them. Take them for an ice cream cone. Or invite them to watch fireworks with you tonight. Exercise your freedom to celebrate this day however you want.

Speaking of exercise. When you get back to your kitchen…

cream cheese cookies

Bake the softest, richest sugar cookie you’ve ever had. It’s the recipe that has ruined all other sugar cookies for me. The secret. Well, cream cheese of course! That AND I use pure almond extract in the cookie and the icing instead of the vanilla. The recipe is from Taste of Home. View the recipe for White Velvet Cutouts.

Happy Fourth of July!

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