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A shopping diamond in the (red) rough for home cooks and culinary lovers

Remember that feeling in kindergarten when you opened a brand new box of crayons? Sixty-four tips of untouched colors pointed right at you, begging to be used in your next artistic masterpiece. That’s how you’ll feel when your eyes hit the rows of colorful kitchen utensils at Maxwell Food Equipment in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. (Well, minus the nostalgic smell of wax.)

Kitchen utensils at Maxwell

I recently visited Maxwell for the first time. It’s a place that’s been on my list of shops I want to check out in Sioux Falls but I’ve just never gotten to it. The store, open to the public, isn’t located in a popular shopping area. If you are familiar with the town, the long, red building is directly across from Avera McKennen Hospital on South Cliff Avenue.


If you have a kitchen, like to impress your friends with swanky entertaining, are master of the BBQ, are a baking enthusiast, or like to buy the perfect gift for someone who has a kitchen, you will want to give yourself at least an hour to wander around this stocked-with-everything-you-can-imagine and a few things you haven’t imagined, kitchen store.


Stacks and stacks of colorful Fiesta® dinnerware line shelves in one entire section of the store.


More Fiesta dishes for your table, no matter what color your kitchen is. I love that these products are Made in the USA.

Fiesta ware

There are all kinds of entertaining products from wine and cheese servers, game-day fun, cake plates, to funky napkins, and so many other things you think you need like adorable recipe cards, cookbooks, knives, lunch bags, measuring cups, fancy teaspoons, and aprons.

Wine and cheese

I remember these gigantic containers from my many years in the restaurant industry. I want some at home. I can just picture a huge bucket full of cheesecake batter in my refrigerator (that it wouldn’t actually fit in). Then I could bake cheesecakes around the clock!

large containers

And here was my favorite section. Luckily, I took a work phone call while I was at this point in the store or I would have touched all the pans, and taken so many pictures they probably would’ve kicked me out. Cake pans, cookie sheets, brownie pans, cupcake pans, muffin tins, Bundt pans, doughnut pans, springform pans — all in different sizes and many with lids — were lined on racks almost to the ceiling.

Nordic Ware muffin tins #MadeInUSA

Here’s one of the best parts. Many of these baking sheets and pans are Nordic Ware. Not only are they made in America, but they are made in Minnesota! Check out their website and give them a Like on Facebook. It seems like a pretty cool company. I want to visit their manufacturing facility and their factory store. I’d be in baker’s heaven.

Nordic Ware Baker's Half Sheet #MadeInUSA

Just looking at these pictures makes my heart beat faster.

Nordic Ware cake and brownie pans

I bought the mini muffin top pan.

Mini muffin top pan

I don’t need a new one, but I wanted to show you the pretty Kitchenaid stand mixer colors. The pink one is metallic. She’s pretty; like a vase of flowers sitting on your kitchen counter. But you don’t have to water it. And it doesn’t come with the, “I’m sorry,” florist notecard.

Kitchenaid at Maxwell

Maxwell offers cooking classes so they have this fabulously shiny commercial kitchen. I was drooling but I wiped it off the counter once I woke up from a dream about teaching a cheesecake class using that oven over there. See it? There are just enough bar stools at the counter for my sisters and a few friends to join me.

Kitchen at Maxwell

As you’re heading to the Avera area, look for the big red building on South Cliff Avenue.

Maxwell Food Equipment

The street address for Maxwell Food Equipment  is 1212 S. Cliff Avenue, Sioux Falls, SD. They are also on Facebook. If you go, let me know what exciting things you find. If you don’t live in the area, tell us where your favorite diamond in the (red) rough is for your kitchen goodies. 

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