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Peanut butter pie with a story of loss and love

It’s a story that will leave you wiping tears from your eyes. But it carries an important message. So please take a moment to read “for mikey”  from In Jennie’s Kitchen, I’ll wait for you to come back.

I don’t know Jennie, but the reminder of painful loss that cuts so deep you don’t know how you’re going to pick yourself up again, is real. We somehow forget that we are God’s children – here on his time, living his plan. Our eternal life is not lived here. Death crushes our spirit and tests our faith because we love so freely, so intensely and then death sneaks in and rips everything we know away, leaving our lives crumbling all around it. Our hearts are wrapped so tightly with love that when we lose someone, we are never the same.

Jennie posted her story in early August. I couldn’t make the peanut butter pie that Friday so I made mini pies the next day and delivered them to three of my teenage nephews who live near me. (The pie is extraordinarily delicious – I can see why it was Mikey’s favorite.) I didn’t post this story at the time, but I was reminded again recently that today may end differently than I think. And it could mean living with one less person in my life that I love. It could mean I am not here tomorrow. Today is the perfect day to “make that peanut butter pie for Mikey“.


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